YAP Ireland carried out a Partner Opinion Survey as part of our Annual Report 2013 theme ‘Partnership’. The survey was completed online by partners of YAP Ireland, primarily referrers to the YAP Ireland service.

The survey consisted of 18 questions which were broken down into 3 key areas. The areas covered were:

  1. Knowledge of Service
  2. Quality of Service
  3. Evaluation of Service

In terms of ‘Knowledge of Service’, respondents on the whole largely agreed that YAP Ireland lives up to its mission and values. When asked to review the ‘Quality of Service’, 89.7% of respondents strongly agreed that the YAP model is an effective one. The area of ‘Evaluation of Service’ was largely positive; with 35.9% stating that ‘very satisfied’ best described their level of satisfaction with the service, 51.3% were ‘satisfied’. 48.7% of respondents (n=19) agreed that young people and families referred to YAP Ireland do achieve their goals most of the time, with the remaining 51.3% (n=20) agreeing they that achieve their goals some of the time. One aspect of the responses to the survey that is very positive is that 69.2% of participants would rate YAP Ireland highly compared to other similar types of service providers that they currently refer to. 97.4% of respondents said that they would recommend YAP to a potential referrer and most respondents reported having a positive relationship with their YAP contact. Working in partnership with YAP Ireland was important for our partners as they felt it strengthened the support available for young people and families, in particular for at risk or hard-to-reach young people.

We look forward to continuing to work with our partners and to offer them an even greater voice in our services, so that together we can work on maintaining and further improving our high standards.

YAP Partner Opinion Survey