The Cavan/Monaghan Participation Group shared their thoughts on the theme ‘Equality for Everyone’ through different arts forms.

Sophie created this equality art piece – representing the various aspects needed in order to sustain and create equality for all.

Abbey created a TikTok Video speaking about the impact YAP has had on her life and how getting involved within the program can elevate other Young Peoples lives.

Levy painted the Solar System with his Dad because he wanted to portray that ‘Although planets look different, once they are in the same area they are all equal’.

Jamie wrote a poem centred around equality as well as the art work displayed in the album above.

Equality for Everyone

‘Equality for everyone,

is not just for fun,

It’s important that we

Take time to think of everyone.

From small people to tall people,

To people with different colour skin,

From gay people to straight people,

We all deserve happiness within.

We should help people achieve their dreams,

Like go to outer space,

No matter your background,

We all deserve our place’  

Congratulations and well done to all the advocates, young people and families who participated within the Cavan/Monaghan group and presented a piece at The YAP National Event.