What is the YAP Ireland Educational Assistance Fund?

YAP Ireland encourages the development of young people on our programmesgraduates of the YAP Programme or their parents and carers to reach their full potential through enhancing their personal and professional development and have a range of structures available to support this development.

This scheme applies to all young people who have completed the YAP Programme, who are over 16 and undertaking a 3rd Level Course, apprenticeship or further training or employment. This scheme is also for Parents and Carers of Young People who have graduated from the YAP Programme who themselves are commencing a 3rd level course, further training, or employment.

Individual grants will be for up to €750 per applicant. If your course is for three years, then you will be able to make an application each year. We welcome your application and will consider each one in line with the policy and funding available.

This grant is aimed to help young people and their parents and guardians to access courses and further education. some examples of what the money can be used for are:

  • To pay course fees

  • To pay for a computer for your course

  • To pay for books for your course

  • To pay for work clothes if you started an apprenticeship

The grant it is not limited to this list. Anything that will help someone access further education will be considered.


The training and experience gained by Advocates through employment with YAP Ireland has long-term beneficial outcomes for you and your communities.