YAP Ireland were invited to meet with Separated Children Seeking International Protection Intake and Assessment Team at their recent stakeholder’s forum in Brunel Building, Heuston South Quarter.  The aim of the forum was to discus the working arrangements, guidance and protocols currently in use.  This forum was attended by agencies who are directly involved with TUSLA to support Separated Children Seeking International Protection.  It was a friendly, professional and purposeful meeting.  A huge thanks goes to all advocates who have supported with UASC Transport pieces throughout 2023 and to Jennifer Maher and Valerie O Reilly who attended the stakeholders forum.
In 2023, YAP Ireland received over 350 referrals for UASC Transport.  A huge thank you to you all for this continued and ongoing piece of work.  Thomas Dunning, Principal Social Worker for Separated Children Seeking International Protection has kindly highlighted how integral and important YAP are in this work:

“One of the first things we notice when a YAP worker arrives to the social work office to transport a young person, is their warmth and their friendly enthusiasm towards the work and the young people.  They are quick to develop rapport with the young people and have always ensured the young person’s needs are met while on their transport runs.   We’ve never had a complaint or a concern about any of the YAP workers from the young people or from the carers at the destination point.  The whole team are so grateful to YAP because the YAP workers make it such an easy partnership.  The support provided by YAP to the SCSIP service is invaluable.  In the interest of the children and the staff, long may that support last!”