In 2013, YAP Ireland CLG worked with a UK based group Investing in Children to review how YAP promote young people’s rights in our work.  We felt that this was a good opportunity for YAP to put forward our strengths based approach and commitment to involving young people in all aspects of our work.  In order to become members of Investing in Children, we invited the IiC assessor to come to Ireland and meet with young people involved in our programmes around the country.  In November 2013, Rob Johnson came to YAP and met with groups of young people in all our regions.  He asked the young people about they are involved in developing and reviewing their service plans and how they can make their voices heard on a local and national level also.  Rob also met with staff members and with the YAP Youth Forum.  In December, Investing in Children awarded the four YAP regions, Investing in Children membership.

YAP are now proposing to work further with Investing in Children to promote the involvement of young people in assuring their rights are met.  We will have further news on this on our website as this develops.

Below, you can find the final evaluations written by Investing in Children on each of our regions.

Dublin/Mid Leinster Regions Evaluation 

North East & North Dublin Regions Evaluation 

South Region Evaluation 

West Region Evaluation