YAP Ireland provide 15 hours a week intensive support for 6 months for young people referred by Oberstown Children’s Detention Campus to support their integration into the community upon release. We also provide support to the young person’s family to prepare them for the transition for the young person back into the family home.

Mark’s Story

Mark * was 17 when he was referred to YAP Ireland after spending time in Oberstown Detention Campus. Mark met with his team leader prior to his release and was introduced to his Advocate Sarah. They discussed his needs and hopes for his integration back into his community and had a plan in place prior to his release. Mark completed the 6 month intensive support programme with the support of his advocate and is now attending a training course full time where he can sample different careers that he might choose in the future. Mark has also availed of part-time work and a trainee-ship since leaving Oberstown. In his own words Mark described his experience with YAP as :  a ‘great support’,  ‘someone to answer questions’ and ‘someone to help you get things done’.

*Name of young person has been changed to protect his privacy. 

Stephanie YAP Team Leader IYJ Case

YAP advocates provide young people transitioning from Oberstown back into their communities with frequent one-to-one, intensive support that is tailored to the needs of each young person. Supports range from emotional and familial to practical and social, that aim to strengthen each young person’s social capital and wider support network. Ultimately, YAP strive to link young people and families into their communities, so they are empowered to access supports and services independently if and when required.


The training and experience gained by Advocates through employment with YAP Ireland has long-term beneficial outcomes for you and your communities.