Research project conducted by NUIG in 2021 The latest NUIG research project looked at the way that participation happens within YAP.

They interviewed and conducted focus groups (mostly over Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions), with a wide range of stakeholders including board members, full-time employees, advocates, young people and their families. During these interviews and focus groups, the researchers discussed what participation looks like within YAP, with all of these key informants. The researchers then examined all the information they had gathered. What the researchers found is summarised in the following 6 key findings:

Key Finding 1: A commitment to participation is woven through policy, culture and practice in YAP Ireland.

Key finding 2: Participation is beneficial for young people, parents and service providers.

Key Finding 3: Relationships are critical in participatory practice.

Key Finding 4: Scaffolding practices are of crucial importance in ensuring meaningful participation.

Key finding 5: Participation can present challenges.

Key Finding 6: There are opportunities to further enhance and develop participatory practice within YAP Ireland and beyond.


You can download the key findings here

You can download the full report here