YAP Ireland CLG Value Partnership

In fact, YAP’s entire model is based on partnership and that’s what makes our work so effective. We have worked with thousands of young people, families and communities across the country since our founding in 2002 and greatly value the grassroots elements of our work. We have partnered with numerous corporates and other organisations to promote the work of YAP and to advocate for improved outcomes for those that are marginalised in our society. These partners have greatly assisted in increasing YAP’s voice around the country and have also found huge value themselves in the ability to promote their own voice around the work that they do also for local communities.

Do You Think Your Company Can Help?

YAP always welcome any input from the business community in how YAP can promote the voice of young people and families around Ireland. Whether it’s skill sharing, creative and marketing consulting, fundraising, event sponsorship or just a helping hand, your business will benefit from an organisation that is widely known around the country, not just by the communities we work in and by the people we work with, but by the public sector, peer organisations, reform and advocacy groups (both nationally and internationally) and numerous entities in the private sector alongside. Adding to that, YAP have been featured prominently on TV, radio and in national and local print media countless times for the work we do, as well as having a large social media presence. We are seen as innovative, creative and passionate and are considered leaders in our sector. Working in partnership with YAP will not only massively benefit the impact that YAP can have on communities around Ireland, but you will have the advantage of being associated with one of the largest and most reputable youth and community organisations in the country and having the opportunity to have your brand seen and heard in a multitude of ways.

YAP Ireland CLG are looking for a meaningful partnership with someone that can make and impact and we love hearing from people as passionate about their work as we are.

So do it! Give YAP a call on (01) 8689180 or email fundraising@yapireland.ie


The training and experience gained by Advocates through employment with YAP Ireland has long-term beneficial outcomes for you and your communities.