Braving the Irish weather, our team had an amazing #outdoorofficeday  in June! 🌦🖇
Martha Sarah, and Laura bundled up in Dublin’s Park House, while Peggy and Mel headed to Carrick on Bannow in Wexford for a supervision meeting. Agnes and her colleagues from Limerick, Clare, and North Tipperary braved the elements for a team meeting and Sinead ventured into the wild west of Ireland to reply to her emails! 💻🌴
As part of our efforts to promote work-life balance and team bonding, we took our meetings outside, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery. It was a wonderful opportunity to get some exercise, clear our minds, and recharge. 🔌🪫
Don’t miss out on the benefits of #outdoorofficeday!
Join us in making work a more enjoyable and sustainable experience. 💙