Mental Health Advocacy Services

We provide Independent Advocacy Services (IAS) to the adolescent inpatient unit and Community teams in CHO2 West and to Linn Dara inpatient unit, Cherry Orchard funded by the HSE. We also provide IAS in the Ginesa Suite, the adolescent service in Saint John of God Hospital. An Independent Mental Health Advocate supports young people to understand the service provided to them both in an Inpatient unit and in the community, and to enhance their participation in service provision, express their views and make informed decisions.

An Independent Mental Health Advocates role is not only to advocate for a young person’s rights but to support a young person to be confident to advocate for themselves and to have their voice heard. The service enhances the voice and participation of young people and families, to ensure their ownership and involvement in decision making. Engagement by the young person and family is voluntary. The IMHA supports young people, parents or groups to present their choices and wishes to professionals in responsible for their care. The Advocates may also speak on behalf of an individual who is unable to do so for themselves.

Independent Mental Health Advocacy YAP


The training and experience gained by Advocates through employment with YAP Ireland has long-term beneficial outcomes for you and your communities.