Youth Advocate Programmes Ireland (YAP Ireland) provides unique services using a strengths-based, needs led, family support, wraparound approach. YAP Ireland matches community-based advocates with those referred leading to more positive engagement and outcomes for young people, families and referrers.

Intensive Support Programme

Intensive Support Programme provides intensive support of up to 15 hours a week for a 6 month period to young people (8-18) and their families to help them achieve their goals. Young people referred to our programme may be at high risk of placement in care, secure care and/or custody (Level 3 and 4 on the Hardiker Scale), they may also be experiencing difficulties around their home, education, peer groups, behaviour and/or community.

Family Support Programme

Family Support Programme provides support of 10 hours a week for 6 months to families in need of time-limited, focused support (Level 3 and 4 on the Hardiker Scale). The clients are the parents/carers and we work with them around reducing risk to children in the home, improved parenting skills and achieving their goals.

YAPAbility Disability and Mental Health Intensive Support Service

Disability and Mental Health Intensive Support Service provides a 12 month programme to Young People aged 10 – 21 years and their families who require support in achieving their goals. Many of the young people will have diagnoses of Autism, Asbergers or be living with a mental health diagnosis.

Independent Advocacy Service (IAS)

The Independent Advocacy Service is provided to Child and Adolescent Mental Health services and adolescent in patient units. The independent advocate can support a CAMHS service user or parent by listening, advocating on their behalf, provide independent advocacy to you in care planning meetings and support you to self advocate.

Irish Youth Justice

We provide intensive support for young people referred by Oberstown Children’s Detention Campus to support their integration into the community upon release.

Crisis Intervention Service

The Crisis Intervention service offers young people who are at immediate risk of out of home placement a rapid response to support them in an emergency. YAP can provide an advocate, within 48 hours though often more quickly, to support the young person whether in the home or in temporary placement and engage them in meaningful activity to reduce further risk. CIS is only available in areas where YAP Services already operate.

Tusla Education Support Service (TESS)

YAP Ireland began a pilot with TESS in 2022 to provide intensive support to young people directly referred by Education Welfare Officers.

This early intervention is aimed at addressing underlying reasons that can impact young people relating to school refusal, issues with attendance and young people not achieving their educational goals.

Out of Hours Service

We provide emergency support for young people referred by the Tusla Crisis Intervention Service to support their temporary placement and care plan.


The training and experience gained by Advocates through employment with YAP Ireland has long-term beneficial outcomes for you and your communities.