In April, YAP hosted the first YAP Youth Forum of the Year. Advocates and their young people were invited along to take part in this exciting participation group event.

Everyone in attendance went to Castlecomer discovery park in Kilkenny for and adventurous day out. 

The group got involved in some fun team-building challenges and some even braved Ireland’s Longest Zipline! 

The YAP Team, Advocates and young people got thinking about the YAP theme for the year, which is ‘Equality for Everyone’. Everyone involved was highly creative in their thinking process and were open to discussing the ways people are different and therefore need to be treated differently to reach their full potential.  

After a long day of adventure, teamwork and important discussion making, everyone was treated to some delicious pizza and chips. 

It was an enjoyable day out and we are all looking forward to the next Youth Forum in the summer!