This Mural project brought together 7 young people involved in YAP – some had met each other before on a participation outing and others had never met before. The theme behind the project was to explore how the young people felt about YAP and what they get out of it i.e. “What YAP means to me”.

Throughout the project the aims were to introduce and encourage the participants to:

1. use games and activities to explore their feelings and opinions of YAP and its importance in their lives.
2. to share their ideas and stories in a safe environment.
3. be creative through a design process.
4. participate in a collaborative manner in the creation of the mural.
5. keep a visual diary and add their own artwork and stories.
6. discuss the content and progress of the session/project.

When the Mural was completed the young people expressed how they felt about the project and how they felt that interaction like this with other YAP participants was really valuable.

Debbie – “I enjoyed meeting new people and I feel that we really bonded throughout the few weeks that we spent there. It was fun and I looked forward going in there every Monday.”
Rhys – “I liked putting graffiti on the wall and messing about!”
Audrice- “I loved getting covered in paint and flicking it everywhere!”
Brendan – “I liked painting and meeting new friends!”

The group as a whole gained a lot out of this project. The young people said that the project changed what they thought of YAP and it made them realise what they get out of YAP.

Mural Participants: Audrice, Brendan, Rhys, Darren, Shannon, Joshua and Debbie.