YAP Limerick’s participation group designed and created a Mural for the Limerick office wall. The group consisted of 7 young people and their advocates. The theme for the mural was to explore how the young people felt about YAP and what they get out of it i.e. “What YAP means to me”.

Upon completion of the mural the young people expressed how they felt about the project and the how they felt that interaction like this with other YAP participants was really valuable.

Debbie – “I enjoyed meeting new people and I feel that we really bonded throughout the few weeks that we spent there. It was fun and I looked forward going in there every Monday.”

Rhys – “Liked putting graffiti on the wall and messing about!”

Audrice- “Loved getting covered in paint and flicking it everywhere!”

Brendan – “Liked painting and meeting new friends!”