The first YAP Fundraising event in the Midlands took place at Glenbarrow, Rosenallis, Co Laois  on Friday 21st of June, the longest day of the year. Glenbarrow is part of the Slieve Bloom way, and is a starting point of many different walking routes.  We chose two different walks, a two mile following the Barrow river to the beautiful waterfall, and a four mile walk for the more adventurous, following a loop up to the top of the mountain and back down through the forest.

The day was pleasant weather wise, but despite prayers throughout the day to St Evelyn Cusack it started to get cloudy and breezy at approx. 18.30, an hour before our starting time. However our hardy walkers were not deterred, and we had a nice mix of people. Young people and advocates travelled from Longford, Westmeath, Kildare and Laois for the walk.  We were joined by a variety of people, including two teenage American girls, members of a local walking club and a man carrying  his four year old daughter on his backpack.

After Andrew welcomed everybody with a few words we divided the groups, Ray leading  the group to the waterfall, the rest heading up mountain. At the top of the mountain (Capard) we stopped to regroup and take in the views for a few minutes, we then began the descent, much to everybody’s relief. On return to the car park the two groups joined together for some fruit and water, proud of their achievements. Before departing we took some pictures and then the tired but happy group dispersed clutching their new “YAP” T-Shirts.

Andrew Chapple, Service Manager and Aengus, Advocate with YAP Ireland