On February 20th, the YAP Youth Forum met for the third time.  18 young people from the programme attended the day.  On the day, the group discussed how the group would work, how the Youth CEOs would be elected and they did some work on developing an information brochure on the group.  There were also fun games and some team building stuff!  Young people came from all over the country and had a great time meeting each other and doing some work too.

Keep  an eye on the website or talk to your advocate about the next meeting of the youth forum which will take place in April

Today, on the 20th February, me and my youth advocate, Daniel, went to Park House, YAP offices.  We walked in and met very nice Teaghen and Georgina etc.  We had loads of fun playing games, talking, sharing and spreading ideas.  We had a lovely lunch.  It was fabulous.

We did group work and design – eg building bridges to make an egg cross them!  It was great.  We then got put into groups and did group work e.g. we worked on a new YAP brochure (for the youth forum).