Yap Ireland would like to extend a huge thank you to our colleagues from YAP Inc. who spent a few days with us implementing training to our staff, young people and stakeholders. On Thursday 5th May YAP USA staff trained team leaders, advocates and community supports in the methodology of the street soccer movement.  During this time, staff were introduced to the core values of respect, cooperation and solidarity through using soccer as a tool of social transformation.  On Friday 6th May, the street soccer programme was delivered to over 35 young people and staff. 

Jason Wilson, Director of Services for YAP services in Orange County, NY said ‘Throughout the exchange, it has been profoundly awesome to meet the young people, advocates and staff that live and breathe the YAP mission every day.  It has been a wonderful experience to be here with the YAP family that have continued to go above and beyond in their work to keep kids safely at home’.

To get this project off the ground demanded a huge amount of work and commitment form many people and special thanks is owed to Peter McGeough and Brenda Kennedy for their efforts to make the event a success. Through continued collaboration, YAP Ireland now has the tools to move the street soccer programme forward in Ireland and possesses the passion and capabilities to transform lives, change biographies and in the process, make the world a little brighter for all. To view the photos click here