We were delighted to launch our Annual Report for 2017 in the Dublin office last Thursday 5th April.

Significant findings in the report include that 83% of young people reported an improvement in their self-esteem and confidence, 89% reported an improvement in self-harm behaviours, 86% reported an improvement in substance abuse, 77% reported an improvement in anger issues and 83% reported an improvement in their emotional wellbeing. These outcomes are based on data for 1690 young people who YAP have worked with between January 2011 and October 2017, with views of the young people, families, referrers, advocates and managers measured when the young people enter the programme and then again at their exit. You can view the full report by clicking here. (Clicking this link will download a 6MB file).

It was such a great morning. We’d like to extend special thanks to YAP Youth CEOs Nathan, Ruth, Cora, Chloe and Geerisha who spoke and helped out with registration on the day. They were brilliant. We’d also like to thank Elena, a parent who spoke on the day of her experience of her daughter taking part in YAP, and Peter Sheridan, who spoke of his experiences working as an Advocate with YAP.

We were delighted to have Fred McBride, CEO of Tusla, join us to launch the report. He told us of significant changes that will be implemented to Tusla’s Child Protection Case Conferences based on feedback he got when he met with our Parents Participation group last year. It was also brilliant to hear that he knows YAP to be great value for money!

Thanks to everyone who came along on the day.