On Wednesday the 19th of February 2020 The YAP Ireland Youth CEO Group launched their report on Homelessness in Ireland. Throughout 2019 the group concentrated their efforts on learning about what it’s like to be homeless in Ireland, what services are available and what we can do to help. Many of our young people in the group have been affected by homelessness and felt extremely passionate about this project. The report also looks at the experiences and opinions of all YAP young people in relation to homelessness.

Throughout the year the Youth CEO group met and spoke with many representatives from homelessness charities such as Focus Ireland and Feed our Homeless.  They decided to run a collection for personal hygiene items and create care packages for people living in homeless shelters and on the streets in collaboration with Feed out Homeless as they believe access to these products is a basic human right. The donation drive was such a success that is was covered by RTE News2day as has received 100’s of streams online. You can read more about the Youth CEO group by visiting their page HERE


You can download a copy of the youth CEO Report Here