When Tina* (10) was referred to YAP she lived with her mother and little sister in homeless accommodation in Dublin city. Her mother had struggled with addiction issues for the last 15 years. The advocate started working with the family last August, initially building up the relationship and trust. Tina’s mother went into residential detox at the end of October and Tina went to live with her father while her little sister stayed with mums relatives. This was a very stressful time for Tina and her mother. Both missed each other a lot and the uncertainty of what was going to happen in future impacted on Tina and showed in her challenging behaviour. 

YAP provided a very consistent service throughout that time. The advocate ensured that Tina got to see her mother every week by bringing her to access visits, also over the Christmas period. She kept reassuring Tina’s mother while at the same time providing a lot of support to Tina’s stepmother and being there for Tina too; bringing her out to have some fun. After all, Tina was only 10. The placement with her father broke down and Tina stayed with her Grandmother for a while. Again, YAP was there to support everybody and ensuring some stability and normality.

Tina’s mother completed her residential detox programme successfully (which is a fantastic achievement) and their Social Worker succeeded in sourcing supported accommodation for her and the two girls. It was a case where a multidisclipinary approach was able to support both the mother and the girls settling in their new place and establishing a new routine for themselves.

At the exit meeting it was great for us to see the family had come full circle and the advocate mentioned what a privilege it was to witness the mother’s journey and Tina’s resilience, as well and getting to know them and being able to support them.

*Name changed to protect privacy