The Active Inclusion Learning Network report,  “What approaches contribute to improving employability and employment outcomes amongst socially excluded groups.” June 2015 names YAP Ireland as a Good Practice.  The research aimed to examine effective solutions and strategies for social inclusion of different disadvantaged groups. The report , in essence, is the culmination of Systematic reviews on best evidence strategies together with an examination of outcomes of peer review activities carried out with independent evaluators and experts from many different parts of Europe over a period of 3 years.

The report is detailed and provides very practical examples of 31 good practice models from all across Europe which emerged following this highly structured and critical examination of over 290 good practices.  It is clear  from this report that the approach we take in YAP with children & families is very much promoted in this report. This report captures and synthesizes all the sources into stating what works & what needs to come together to effect positive outcomes for social inclusion of disadvantaged and marginalised groups.  There is learning in the way others approach the topic also and we can learn and adapt in the light of their experiences.  

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