St. Gabriel’s youth group choir known as Spiritual Harmony have put together a CD of 10 gospel songs to raise money for YAP. This choir consists of 9 girls, 1 instructor and 3 sound engineers. How the choir came to raise money for YAP Ireland was from a survey that went out in St. Gabriel’s Church, to get peoples views and ideas for change within the church. One thing that came back was that the youth group should link up with a Third World country and raise money to support them in some way. The youth group talked about this and decided they would rather raise money to help an Irish Organisation first.
They wanted to raise money for an organisation that helped youth in Ireland. The head of their youth group studied Social Care and had heard of YAP Ireland and brought this to the youth groups attention. They were all in agreement that they wanted to raise money for YAP Ireland and set off to organise making their CD. They got Jamie Carolan in from Four Winds Recording Studio to record the CD for them. They also ran a competition for the name of the youth group in their parish and the name that won was Spiritual Harmony. The girls together chose songs for the CD that they love singing the most in their mass. The launch of the CD was on the 29th of September, in St. Gabriel’s Parish at their youth mass at 6p.m. Becky the head of the youth group gave a talk/ powerpoint presentation during the mass about their youth group and the work of YAP Ireland. The night was a sucess and Becky will continue to talk at the other mass times in the parish to promote the selling of their CD.
To get a copy you can contact Anne Mc Hugh Mon- Fri between 9:30-12:30 or the head of the youth group Becky Grace at anytime on 087-637-0262. A €10 donation is asked for each CD. 

The Management, Staff, Young People and Families of YAP Ireland are extremely grateful to St. Gabriel’s youth group choir for nominating YAP Ireland as their chosen charity for this project.

Below is the song list