Monday 16/11/2015

We get ready to take off for NYC, excitement is mounting.

Arrived safe in NYC. We visited the Newburgh office today for some training on street soccer and attended a ‘meet and greet’ with local patrons and sponsors with the local media.

Jimmy and Charlene went sightseeing with an advocate, while Steve and Brenda were trained in the methodology of street soccer. The training was facilitated by FUDA, an Argentinian group. YAP Inc. are working hard to implement this model as part of their programme. 

Jimmy and Charlene had a lot of fun today and were looked after so well. The hospitality we all received was fantastic.

Advocates, Staff & Young People from YAP Ireland CLG & YAP Sweden visit the Staff and Advocates of the YAP Programme in the Bronx. They are looking forward to coming to Ireland in the near future.

Tuesday 17/11/2015

We left Newburgh to make our way to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Our driver was Jason, he is a director here in YAP, Newburgh, Orange county.

Wednesday 18/11/2015

Staff, Advocates and young people from YAP Ireland CLG getting together for dinner with our YAP friends in the USA. We had an inspirational evening. Thank you Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.!

Charlene met with her match Young Person in USA Lottie and Jimmy hung out with Jeff, the YAP Inc CEO. Charlene & Jimmy gave an outstanding presentation at the 40th Anniverary celebration.

Thursday 19/11/2015

We arrived back in the hotel after a day of sightseeing. It was a very wet day but it didn’t dampen our spirits, Jimmy and Charlene did great. They were blown away several times throughout the day. They have the empire state building to see tomorrow, which will be fantastic for them to see, it was far too wet to go up today as they would only see clouds.

Thursday 19/11/2015

More sightseeing before our return home.