The Galway participation group formed in May 2018 consisting of 2 young men from Co. Galway. It began with a brainstorming session over pizza. They discussed what Mental Health is and what it means to the boys.

“Good mental health can keep you out of trouble, head clear and help you sleep”

They agreed to focus on an organisation that considers the voice of the child in topic around Mental Health e.g. Jigsaw in Galway. They looked at various creative approaches e.g. debates, designed questionnaires, arts and crafts and interviews. They arranged to meet with the Youth Engagement Officer in Jigsaw, Gary Nugent, to compile an interview and gain feedback.

The boys felt that Jigsaw was welcoming for young people “it was good for young people, had places there for them to chill and a pool table.” You can find the full interview with Gary in the images below!

The young people felt that arts and crafts is one of the most positive and effective ways of promoting positive mental health. They worked with Martha Williamson from Galway Pottery on a project using the medium of mosaic. The boys said the project was ‘good and relaxing.’

The Galway group also presented a scrapbook of images made by the Ward family showing how their family help each other to maintain good wellbeing and positive mental health.