The Mighty Midlanders are a joint seed funding project with YAP and Tusla. They are a group of young people from the midlands who have been working together for the past year, aiming to help Tusla to improve their services and also to have fun! 

This year, the Mighty Midlanders got together to do a project around wellbeing. They wanted to run an adult-free day inspired by a group of young people from Roscrea that they had seen present at the Tusla conference earlier this year. They got together a group of young people to discuss what wellbeing meant to them and what they could do to improve their own wellbeing. They picked out some inspirational quotes and hung them on the walls for their presentation day. 

The Mighty Midlanders decided to create a survival kit for their friends. They put the following things into the kit:

  • Mints-because you are worth a mint

  • Glitter- so you will always sparkle

  • Eraser- to wipe away mistakes

  • Elastic band- to hold it all together

  • Marbles- in case you loose your own


They got really great feedback from everyone that took part in the day and had a lovely day!